Greg McBeth – Founder and Go-to-Market Advisor

Greg has spent the past 10+ years in various sales and leadership roles, both at Fortune 100 companies (Cisco) and early-stage startups (Crunchbase, BloomBoard). Most recently, he was VP Revenue and Founding Team Member at AI startup Node, where he led sales, partnerships, strategy, and creative marketing. Under Greg’s leadership, Node consistently grew revenue 200% YoY and raised $40M in funding from leading venture firms and investors like Mark Cuban.

In addition to his advisory work. Greg plays poker professionally both online and in Las Vegas, and incorporates elements from poker into his go-to-market frameworks. He also writes a regular newsletter, Bet & Sell, where he explores success and failure from the perspective of a poker player, salesperson, and entrepreneur.

Greg graduated from Stanford in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Today he lives with his wife in Napa where he enjoys wine, traveling, and the outdoors.