Webinar: Fueling Explosive Revenue Growth with a Kick-Ass Sales Incentive Program

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The world may be upside down, but sales teams still have big revenue goals ahead of them. Whether it’s to preserve and grow existing business, or to scale to close new opportunities and logos, salespeople across the globe are grinding to keep their companies afloat (and are due for a much-needed break). 

As a sales leader, what’s your plan to keep your team motivated & producing the activities and behaviors needed to drive your goals for revenue growth? (hint: it shouldn’t just be salary + commission). 

In this webinar recording hosted by Sales Hacker, G2M Founder Greg Mcbeth joined a panel of sales & revenue leaders to share tips on how to design a kick-ass sales incentive program that’ll keep your team productive & motivated to crush its goals.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to adjust your mix of commissions, incentives, sales recognition, and SPIFFs to maximize revenue growth
  • A deeper understanding of what your reps actually want
  • How to forecast customer demand for more effective goal-setting & incentive planning
  • Ideas for incentives that build community and connection while your team is working remotely
  • Alternatives to big events like President’s Club and sales kickoff that are being disrupted by the pandemic