Strap a rocket to your sales

We help B2B startups and small businesses grow sales revenue by developing the playbooks, hiring and training the team, and implementing the processes required to scale from $1M to $10M+


Why G2M

What got your sales revenue to $1M won’t get it to $10M. We’ll work closely with you and your team to identify what’s working and what isn’t, and develop a strategy that will successfully scale with your business.

For a growth stage company, the only thing that kills revenue more than no sales playbook is one that’s too complicated. We take a Goldilocks approach to playbooks and will develop one for you that’s juuuust right.

Hiring the wrong VP of Sales, or hiring one too early, can cost millions in lost revenue. We provide the same services as an in-house VP of Sales without the full-time salary and 70% failure rate.

What we do

Validate Market Potential

  • Confirm product-market fit through KPI analysis and customer interviews
  • Evaluate Total Addressable Market and develop Ideal Customer Profiles
  • Develop competitive positioning and pricing model recommendations
  • Create revenue models across marketing, sales, and customer success


Develop Strategic Positioning

  • Develop and refine central positioning
  • Create outreach, messaging, and pitch strategy for raising money from investors
  • Create messaging for sales pitch decks, websites, and product marketing content

Optimize Sales Processes

  • Develop and refine the full sales cycle: inbound/outbound, pipeline management, proposal to close, upsells, and renewals.
  • Manage active pipeline including deal coaching and forecasting
  • Establish sales goals, quotas, and compensation plans
  • Design and run experiments to test and optimize all stages of the sales process
talent management

Manage and Scale the Sales Team

  • Design hiring and new hire onboarding plans to achieve revenue targets
  • Develop interview frameworks for both individual contributors and leadership hires
  • Source candidates and conduct interviews
  • Manage the team: conduct 1:1’s, run sales meetings, lead call coaching

How we’ll work with you

We offer both project-based and monthly retainer options. After contacting us we’ll reach out to schedule a free phone consultation to learn more about your business, revenue goals, and budget, and design a package that fits your needs.

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